Based on the recommendations of the strategic retreat, which was convened in September 2011 in collaboration with CIPE, PGI board decided to form three specialized committees, which were all held accountable to the board. Membership in those committees consisted as follows:  
1-    Programs and Activities Committee
    •    Dr. Bashar Abu Za'roor
    •    Mr. Nitham Ayyoub
    •    Ms. Ola Awad
    •    Mr. Mohd. Ghazi Herbawi
2-    Audit Committee
    •    Dr. Saed Kouni
    •    Mr. Omar Hashem
    •    Ms. Asma' Masri
3-    Funding Committee
    •    Mr. Jamal Haddad
    •    Dr. Bashar Abu Za'roor
    •    Ms. Ola Awad