General Assembly
(As of May 2012)

Starting with one person in early 2011 (Hisham Awartani), the number of PGI founding members grew into 13 people when PGI was officially registered. The founding members are all with a distinguished professional and civil society track record. And in compliance with the law of charitable societies (i.e. NGOs law), the founding members were declared as interim board of directors. According to the said law, the general assembly is the source of all discretionary power, and it is expected to meet once a year in order to discuss reports on operations and activities, and review approve financial statements and audit report. The General Assembly is also required to review plans and budget allocations for the next year. Elections for membership in the board of directors are conducted every other year.
Responding to a decision taken by PGI board, the number of members was raised to 29 by April 2012. The size of membership was further expanded in April 2013 by adding four members from Gaza Strip. The full list of PGI members, as of May 2012, includes the following:
1.    Mr. Ammar Aker                    CEO, Palestine Telecom Group
2.    Ms. A'bla Maa'ya'a                 Member, Business Women Forum
3.    Dr. Atef Alawneh*                  Senior Advisor, Bank of Palestine
4.    Dr. Akram Daoud *                Dean of Law, An-Najah University
5.    Ms. Asma’a Masri*                  CEO, Target Brokerage Firm
6.    Mr. Ahmad Hajhasan               CEO, Al-Rafah Bank
7.    Dr. Bashar Abu Za’roor*            Director of R&D, Capital Market Authority
8.    Dr. Fadi Qattan*                       Dean, Bethlehem University Business School
9.    Mr. Faisal Shawwa                     CEO, Shawwa Construction CO.
10.    Mr. Jamal Haddad*                   Senior Advisor, Palestine Investment Fund
11.    Mr. Hisham Massad                  Chairman, Jenin Chamber of Commerce
12.    Mr. Haytham Zo'bi                   CEO, Zo'bi Law Office
13.    Mr. Hani Dajani                      CEO, Portland Trust – Palestine
14.    Dr. Hisham Awartani*             Professor of Economics, An-Najah University
15.    Ms. Manal Zuraiq*                  Deputy CEO, MASAR Investment Group
16.    Mr. Mazen Abu Hamdan          Chairman, Banks Association
17.    Mr. Mohd. Akram Hassouneh     Chairman, Chartered Auditors Association
18.    Mr. Mohd. Ghazi Herbawi         Chairman, Hebron Chamber of Commerce
19.    Dr. Mohammad Nasr*            Dean of Economics, Birzeit University
20.    Mr. Mohd. Tawfiq Yazegi         CEO, Yazegi Soft Drinks CO.
21.    Dr. Moeen Rajab                  Prof. of Economics, Al –Azhar University, Gaza
22.    Mr. Nabil Abu Diab*             CEO, Banks Association
23.    Dr. Nafeth Abu Baker*         Dean of Economics, An-Najah University
24.    Mr. Nitham Ayyoub*            Supervisor of Companies, Ministry of Economy
25.    Ms. Ola Awad                      President,   Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
26.    Mr. Omar Hashem               Chairman, Nablus Chamber of Commerce
27.    Mr. Omar Sha'aban             CEO, Pal Think for Strategic Studies
28.    Mr. Rami Sabe'                   CEO, Sabe' Agro – Industries Inc.
29.    Dr. Saed Kouni*                 Vice President, An Najah University
30.    Dr. Sahar Kawasmi*           PLC member (Chair of Anti-Corruption)

*Founding member