PGI seeks extensive and sustained cooperation with several stakeholder institutions, mainly on an individual activity basis. The following are viewed as the key PGI partners:
1.    Capital Market Authority
CMA is the major oversight institution on listed firms, and as such it has played a key role in the efforts which have led to the formulation of the Palestinian CG code. The CMA chairman chairs also the National Palestinian CG Committee. Although family owned firms are not within the CMA's mandate, yet this institution is keep on playing an active role in improving governance in this type of firms, especially in view of their dominant role in the domestic socio-economic fabric.
2.    Palestine Exchange
PEX is the second most important oversight body relative to listed firms. PGI has in the past engaged in several joint activities with PEX. Cooperation between both institutions will be pursued further in the new project.  
3.    Palestinian Monetary Authority
PMA acts in effect like Palestine Central Bank. Over the past 15 years this institution has evolved into one of the most efficient in the region. In order to achieve stronger synergy, CMA and PMA have managed to enter into strong partnership on a wide range of governance issues.
4.    Chambers of Commerce
The Chambers of Commerce are the legitimate institutional address of family firms. As such, these institutions play a key role in organizing and hosting CG educational and training workshops in relevant districts. PGI is therefore keen on exerting conscious efforts aimed at maintaining and strengthening strategic working relations with the Chambers of Commerce and their Federation.  
5.    Financial and Administrative Oversight Bureau
FAOB was established in 2004 as per law no.15/2004, and it was viewed as the top oversight institution with regard to all public sector institutions. The Oversight Bureau is expected to play the central role of overseeing compliance of targeted institutions to set rules and regulations. Consequently, the Bureau’s mandate relates heavily to governance issues.
6.    Business Women Forum
BWF is the a major institution in the West Bank with regard to promoting the interests of its members. More recently, this institution has established its own Business Development Center, which provides advisory and training services to pioneering business women. PGI will try to enlist the services of BWF and BDC in its efforts to promote better CG culture among the business women community.